Never sounded as good as it did right then - Bart Weiss

"My son played the cello in high school but only intermittently after that. His instrument had been sitting idle in our basement for at least 18 years. He redeveloped an interest in playing when his own children started in music. I brought the instrument in for John to evaluate and hopefully get back in reasonable working condition. I had the pleasure of watching him actually evaluate and do some of the work on the instrument and I was very impressed at how thorough and capable he is.

When I actually took the instrument for my son to play. He remarked that it had never sounded as good as it did right then i.e. better than any time during his active playing years and was very impressed with the outcome. I have to agree that it sounded significantly better to me as well.

John I would like to thank you for an excellent job... Your thoroughness and ability resulted in a tangible outcome in the form of a cello that sounded significantly better than it ever had! Thanks ! Bart Weiss"